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Wisdom Teeth Removal Grand Rapids Dentist

Wisdom teeth get their name because these third molars don’t emerge until your late teens to early twenties. Unfortunately, many patients require wisdom teeth removal when there isn’t enough space in their jawbone to accommodate the extra teeth.

Our Grand Rapids family dentist will be able to determine the best plan of action by examining your dental x-rays. Our dentist’s goal is to prevent wisdom tooth pain before it happens.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If our dentist sees impacted wisdom teeth (teeth coming in at an angle) he will suggest a procedure to remove them. If your wisdom teeth are coming in straight and there is enough room in your jaw for them to emerge, no action is required. Not all patients need wisdom teeth removed.

Cosmetic Concerns

Emerging wisdom teeth can affect the look of your smile. If you have had orthodontic work in the past to straighten your teeth, the last thing you want is impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth that aren’t emerging straight through the gum line will push other teeth out of the way and create crowding.

Your wisdom teeth may even get stuck if there’s no more room and only emerge partially through the gum line. Wisdom tooth extraction is meant to prevent these types of situations from happening in the first place.

Alexandra Dodds DDS is a Grand Rapids dentist dedicated to helping patients achieve their best smiles. If you are interested in learning more about our wisdom tooth removal services, call our Grand Rapids dental practice at (616) 245-3205.